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For the first time after
2 years since its launch

Dental Guard is now available
for almost all dental clinics in Romania

Dental Guard is the only proven system for providing prosthetic works that offers both patients and clinics complete and functional solutions that cover any type of accident. Since its launch in 2019 and until now, our system has been successfully implemented in some of the most famous clinics in Romania, thus helping hundreds of patients. Our partners offer more than just a guarantee, being one step ahead of everyone on the competitive market

The implementation of our system will bring a degree of satisfaction of 100% of patients with
a retention rate of 97%, the performance of Dental Guard being a guaranteed and proven one.
It's time to give more to your patients

You want to provide the most complete solutions for your patients.
You have at least 5 cases / month by 10+ elements

Traveling of our representative to clinic
Training responsible person
* implementation duration 2-3 days

Access to 2 personalized trainings per week - online
The whole Dental Guard know-how system
Our support and promotion