About us


We are the first and only company in Romania that offers a system of protection and restoration of prosthetic works and with the help of our partners is implemented, realized and 100% guaranteed.

We offer you the highest security on the market because the contracts are formulated so that you as a customer have priority and our partners guarantee the restoration in the shortest possible time to a level worthy of superlative.

GUARANTEED PROTECTION regardless of type of accident. We have developed this service to stabilize the huge demand in the dental clinics here in Romania. Customers who have dental veneers know very well that they are not guaranteed for life and are prone to various accidents.

The price of the plans depends very much on the partner clinics. All plans are cheap compared to absolutely any similar service provided by other companies on the market. We make sure that we have the best quality-price ratio for you and so it remains forever.

Our story

Dental Guard was made up of a necessity for a niche product that insurance companies in Romania do not cover. Taking into account that a full teeth restauration cost you a substantial amount of money, protecting it must be number one priority.

2 years ago I remember that I was in the position where I was looking for companies on the internet to insure my smile that was in progress at that time. I did not find anything, I can not find any today, so I decided to open a company that will take care of existing customers like me.

We have established rigorous contracts with partner clinics and after 8 months of work we have achieved a satisfactory result at all levels. After countless meetings I managed to develop a successful client-business-clinic formula.

What we offer you throughout partners in matter of quality-price we do not have a competitor. In fact: we are the first and only in Romania.

From a personal problem I have created a product now available to you as well. I choose quality and safety, choose the professionalism of my partners and our combined earnestness to offer you everything you need and deserve.

Founder Dental Guard