Bank of veneers

What does the bank of veneers mean ?

It is an exclusive service for those who have a fixed and / or limited budget to do a dental work. You communicate to us exactly what you want, and we are working for you to engage one of our partner clinics to do your work at the price you have communicated. We do not guarantee the success rate of 100% for all requests received.

We are here to take all the steps necessary for you to enjoy a Hollywood Smile. Of course, we will take into account the budget that you want to invest in this approach and we will discuss with your partner clinic to ensure that the result is in line with your requirements.

After completing the form, we will have a customized discussion with your chosen partner clinic depending on your case, we will adapt to your requirements as well as your current teeth status and we will develop a treatment plan that is presented to you within 48hrs.

This does NOT involve extra costs, as a gratitude for the money we save for you at the end of the dental work, you will have to conclude one of the protection plans offered through our partner clinic, like so benefiting from an extra service for your safety and smile.

Dare to smile !

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