How do we choose our dental clinic or dentist ?

When it comes to our health, but especially the health of our dental system, which can have noticeable effects on our daily activities, traditional methods of finding the right doctor have no effect. Your smile is an important component that greatly influences one's self-confidence, so choosing a dentist after a discussion with a relative or neighbor of the block can often lead to unsatisfactory results. So, as a patient, you need to know first and foremost about good doctors who have 100% results in the world of dentistry.
In this article we will explain what you need to know when choosing a dentist, starting by listing some of the best and best known dentists in Romania.
Who are the most famous dentists in Romania?
Very important to mention before moving on to the actual list: A good doctor is characterized by his abilities taking into account your need, in this case we talk about dental aesthetics dentists or cosmetic dentristry :

Dr. Andrei Capra Clinic - Bucharest
A standard for the dental medical activity in Romania, Dr. Andrei CAPRĂ is known as the one who managed to get the fastest to be recognized in Bucharest for his services and treatments. He is known as a nonconformist, friendly and extremely open with any patient who has broken his threshold. He is both an excellent dentist, but he will give you the long-desired smile as if you were a very good friend. Dr. Andrei Capră uses the latest technologies in the field of dental interventions, and with him, we can guarantee the quality of your smile.

Attentive to the smallest details is Dr. Rafael ZEED, nicknamed in a very careful manner by his patients as "the doctor with the golden hand". Dr. Zeed's clinic balances the reputation in Romania very well together with the excellent results obtained with many celebrities and personalities from here. TV presenters and celebrities arrive in Romania even from abroad to benefit from the attentive touch of Dr. Zeed. Important personalities from France, Hungary, Bulgaria or Italy arrived at his clinic and all the way made especially for a treatment at ZEEDDENT Clinic.


Signature Smile Clinic - Bucharest
Probably one of the options you can not refuse when it comes to dental veneer treatment. Signature Smile Clinic is one of the leading clinics in Romania with experience and a incredible team of doctors specialized in all areas of dentistry. Signature Smile Clinic is the place where Dr. Ahmad JBARA puts his art and passion for dentistry into practice. Most of the bright smiles that we see on television stars and beyond are the result of his hands. The doctor has in the registry more than 5000 cases with dental veneers treatment and it is our recommendation for an optimal service and result.


My Dental Clinic - Cluj-Napoca
At Dental Guard, we chose to work only with dentists for whom the medium and small standards do not exist. We want you to receive your smile for which you pay. Szalina Aestethics is probably the only clinic in Cluj where the standards are always kept to the maximum rank. Dr. Szalina Botond is a true magician when it comes to extreme cases. So far, he has managed to complete treatments for serious illnesses, but also to greatly raise the standards of dentistry in the west of the country. We strongly recommend Szalina Aestethics for any kind of intervention in the dental system.


ARDental ProSmile - ARAD
Is the clinic of Conf. Univ. Dr. Sorin Mihali where any dental problem finds its solution. Doctor in medical sciences from 2016 and specialist in dental prosthetics. He has been certified by Complementary Studies in Implantology since 2013. He has been and is a member of scientific research projects. He is the author of the book specialized in implantology, has 19 published articles, of which 8 in the ISI system (in international magazines) and over 60 participations in national and international congresses in the field of dental medicine, dental prosthetics and prosthetic restorations on implants. Lecturer and organizer of the postgraduate courses specialized for dentists.


Premium Dental - ARAD
It is probably one of the largest and most equipped clinics in Romania and here we meet Dr. Sebastian Miclea who works with the latest technologies on the market to provide patients with modern and the latest generation solutions. In addition to the specialties that have accustomed to Premium Dental patients throughout the country with top services and best treatments, the clinic is hosting a new part of 3D Radiology and a Dental Kids children's clinic. In addition, Premium Dental has a training room for 50 people.

Any of the 6 clinics mentioned above can deliver an optimal, professional result and, most importantly, satisfy and respect sustainability. The health of your teeth is not something to take risks with. Most of the time, when you are in front of a "cheap" clinic, be sure that the results are tailor-made.

Our doctors were selected on the basis of professionalism criteria and results, in no form due to the prices. We want remarkable results, proven by images and testimonials from satisfied customers. Thus, thanks to this principle we have managed to build an elite team of doctors with such elitists who can guarantee a 100% successful treatment.

In our portfolio there are photographs that have been taken to prove the quality of our partners' services:


As for the photographs, there are very clear examples that attest to the quality of the "veneers" doctors and the dentists that must intervene to repair the damage. The first exemplary photographs are a veneers made with a low degree of assumption, and in the second photos the intervention of our partners. It can be seen that the best doctors in Romania can be cared for, performing a qualitative veneers treatment.


One more thing which is very important to note: When you will find yourself getting a treatment with veneers, the color of your new smile is chosen by you. Regardless of colors you see on other patients, we guaranteed that they choose it and not the dentist. More cases of dental venners done by our partners can be found on our social media channels : Instragram and Facebook.

We will continue this series of articles and we hope that if you consider to get your veneers done abroad : take us into consideration.

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